Space Seating Professional AirGrid – The Best Chair To Improve Seating Posture

Space Seating Professional AirGrid – The Best Chair To Improve Seating Posture And Productivity In An Affordable Way

Many people experience pain while seating continuously for longer hours. This can be due to wrong body posture and discomfort. If you have a sedentary work life that demands to sit continuously for longer periods of time, then Space Seating Professional AirGrid is ideal for you. Not only it will improve your body posture but also help you accomplish your task quickly without any sensation of pain. This equipment does not cost you much and gives long-term comfort without any significant wear and tear. It is made to benefit people of all ages.


• Fully Adjustable:
This equipment allows you to conveniently adjust the height and angle at any degree you prefer. With pneumatic seat adjustment, you can adjust the seat to your comfortable sitting position.

• Durable:
The seat of the equipment is highly durable and comfortable. It has superior quality leather covering which is finely stitched to give an amazing thickness and contour.

• Recommended for people with spine related problems:
It is ideal and most suited for people who experience back pain and other spine-related issues. It supports your back perfectly and make you feel soft and light while working.

• Outstanding customer review:
It’s comfort factor, durability and cost effectiveness makes it one of the bestselling equipment all across the world.


• Best Quality:
This complete equipment from the backrest to the lower section has the premium quality parts. This ensures high durability which allows it to stay in best condition for many years under continuous usage.

• Leather cushioned seat:
To give you utmost comfort while seating, the backrest as well as the seat is made up of soft and durable leather cushion.

• Adjustable seat:
You can easily make an adjustment and tilt the seat based on your convenience and your height. Seat adjustments are placed at a proper location so that you can adjust the seat easily.

• Affordable
You will get so many benefits of this equipment at a reasonable price. Also, durability and sturdiness prevent the need to replace it every year, so you save on future expenditure in the form of repair as well.


• Unstable armrests
The armrests are not stable and long lasting. They tend to wiggle when a person places a hand over it. It also gives an indication of falling from the chair. The concave shape of arms is perfect for people with slim arms but creates discomfort for people with broad arms.

• Inefficient tilt mechanism
The tilt mechanism of this equipment can only be locked in a straight position.. There is no provision for locking in backward leaning position.

Your chair is very significant in maintaining correct body posture. It is advised to invest in this world class chair to adopt the correct body posture and keep your spine healthy. The Space Seating Professional AirGrid offers multiple functions for both office and home use. It is an ideal product to buy to keep your back and spine healthy even in old age.

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