A Withings Smart Body Analyzer review August 16, 2015

When you want to buy a Withings Smart Body Analyzer, you should know about the review especially when thinking about getting that best deal in the whole of the market. When you understand the features, you will always be sure that you would buy the best Withings Smart Body Analyzer from a given market. Here is a Withings Smart Body Analyzer review that you need to know about:

This Withings Smart Body Analyzer often have ultra-precise weight as well as body fat measurement with a good position control that will enable you get the best deals from a given market. When you do understand what you would do, you will definitely understand the facts that will best fits your need when buying.

Its Heart rate measurement should done by stepping on the given scale especially when looking for that best deal from a given market. You will always have a continuous indoor quality air tracking that would enable you get the best deals from a given market especially when planning to have the best deals from a given market. With this automatic upload of personal measurements in Bluetooth and Wi Fi, you would be sure that you would be making an informed choice when looking for the best options within the whole of a given market.

It also have a Health Mate app that will visualize all the trends at the same time improving (iOS and Android) to get the best options especially when planning to acquire those deals that you would need from a given market. With the scale interface that is designed to aid user’s center on many other products, you will always get accurate readings whenever you are using it. The number of people who have been using have always increased since it offer a perfect solution for those who need these options especially when planning that good deal.

The users who have attempted to avoid any accurate readings through rocking on their toes or heels will see these values fluctuate thus making it one of the best products in the market. This makes an important product for those individuals who need the best options from a given market. In the end, you will be able to accurately track the fat percentage and weight of your body as well as body mass index or BMI online. This has made it very beneficial for those looking for ways to improve their health in an amazing way.

When you do use it, you will be able to upload your statistics automatically via the Wi-Fi to the fitbit.com to view graphs of your health progress. This will also enable you to easily set-up aria that will automatically help you improve your health. This makes an amazing product to use when looking for the best options from a given market. With aria every account is always password protected to enable you be able to control the amount of data to share online.

In conclusion, the above Withings Smart Body Analyzer review should help you understand the product before you can buy it to use it.

Fitbit Flex Promo Code August 15, 2015

For anyone looking forward to living a healthier life, the Fitbit flex is a fitness tracking device you should consider investing in. It will prove to be a valuable partner in your fitness endeavor by tracking how much work out you do and even how many calories you get to burn. Here is an exclusive review to help you make that very important decision.


The Fitbit Flex is a beautiful piece to the eye and comfortable to wear. Available in ten different colors, the liberty of choice is quite catered for. These are red, pink, lime blue, violet, navy, teak, tangerine, slate and black. On purchase, you get a large wrist band and a small one in one package both made of matte plastic. The small one is 140 to 176mm in width while the larger one is 161 to 209mm both of which are light in weight and extremely comfortable. With the wrist bands comes the tracker that is small enough to fit into the wristband. It removable allowing one the freedom to change the band as they may wish.

For the perfect fit, the Fitbit flex has a brushed metal squircle that only needs to be pressed to close it. A dark plastic window exposes the tracker to light. The tracker is black and so small it is almost inconspicuous. On one side, it features the Fitbit logo and on the other are three metal contacts for use with the charging dongle. Five white indicator lights shine through the LED window on top of the band.


The Fitbit Flex keeps track on the number of steps made, calories burned and even your sleeping patterns. This is done by using the MEMS 3-axis accelerometer technology accompanied by a vibration motor for warnings. Fitness goals can be easily set. By simply tapping on the window, you can interact with the tracker. Tapping twice allows you to see the progress made towards achieving the main goal. This will be shown by the lights each of which represent 20% progress. A happy dance by the LED lights and vibration by the motor when the ultimate goal is reached adds fun to fitness. On the other hand to indicate you are going to sleep or have just woken up, tap five times. This needs to be done fast within one or two seconds though. As for how much data you can gather with the Fitbit Flex is able to track up to 7days of motion minute by minute and daily totals for up to 30days.

The Flex needs to be charged every 5days when the lithium polymer battery runs out. This takes only about two hours to fully recharge. The battery however is not the only long-lasting feature. The band and the tracker both last a long time and will serve you for long. It is water-resistant and will therefore stand any amount of sweat you could produce during your workouts. When you are rained on you need not worry either as it will still remain safe.

To keep you entertained is a 4.0radio and NFC and a mobile app to accompany it. By simply tapping the compatible android phone on the wristband, the app launches via the NFC for full control.

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